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Your car breaks down, the rent is due, you have an emergency home repair or maybe you are just getting hit over the head with the current recession. We know that times are tough with the economy down, even though politicians are saying the recession is over, you know better because you feel it – every day. We know how it is to get backed into a corner with finacial burdens – it sucks. We have all been in situations where a quick cash loan is needed just until the next pay day. It beats bouncing checks and getting stuck with those huge fees. Just a few bounced checks and your budget is killed for months, sometimes a full year which makes a bad situation worse, much worse.

We understand how difficult time’s are especially for families who are dealing with, or have dealt with: layoffs, foreclosures, repossessions, etc.. Often when we are struggling and bills are piling up all we need is a short term loan to allow time to get caught back up. We know how this burden is and how much it can effect our daily lives. Thats why at Payday Cash Advance Loan Services we can get you the short term cash loan you need fast!

PayDayCash.org specializes in short term, affordable, cash advance loans for emergency situations. We can get you the cash in 24 hours or less-no credit check or leaving the privacy of your home. If you need a payday advance loan we can help.

Simply fill out the form to the right and one of our representatives with be contacting you shortly. Applying for a payday loan may seem like it is the end of the world, but it is just the beginning of your own personal financial recovery. We’ve been there. Things will get better if you follow our financial advice.

Not paying your bills isn’t a solution and avoiding collection calls isn’t a good option. Getting help is the right option and is the solution you need right now. So apply for a payday loan today, and you can get access to the money you need in just one business day. That’s it! Apply on Tuesday, and get the money on Wednesday. Apply on Friday and you have the money in your account on Monday. Nothing could be easier to take away the stress you feel right now.

So, get started by filling out the form. Once your online application is completed and submitted, within minutes, one of our representatives will begin to review your information and will inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about your current or past financial situation. We have a high approval rate and we don’t do a credit check, which makes getting approved for a payday loan a lot easier than going to get a traditional credit loan. We have a very short list of criteria that you must meet. But the bottom line is, it is much better to go through the online process than going out to a local payday loan center where someone you know may see you going in. We protect your pride. No one will know you are struggling financially and we greatly respect your privacy.

What are our short list of requirements? Simply put …

  • You are currently employed
  • You received regular monthly income
  • Earn $1,000.00 or more per month
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Current U.S. citizen
  • Active Checking/Savings account with Direct Deposit setup

Why Use Us:

  • Get a payday loan for up to $1500.00 overnight
  • Cash is directly deposited into your account
  • Fast and Easy approval – no forms that go on forever, page after page…
  • No credit check
  • 100% online
  • Confidential and Secure
  • No documents to fax